Learns about your habits and office environment.
Remote access via Smart phone application and Web site
Auto adjusts AC for ideal temperature and energy savings.

It maintains your comfort with saving energy bill upto 20%
We believe that every WATT matters.

Reduce Energy Wastage

Reduces unnecessary cooling to help you save money without compromising comfort.

Automated and Personalized Control

Learns your personal comfort preferences and automatically controls your existing AC to keep you comfortable all the time.

Access from Anywhere,Anytime

Access and control all your ACs, right from your Smart phone application and Web Control Panel.

Universal and Hassle Free Installation

Miniature in size with Plug and Play design. Can be installed in any remote control Air Conditioners.

Don't let your employee abuse your resources

With advance feature to disable Air Conditioner's remote, take control of your Air Conditioner by hard coding your preferred Scheduling and remote settings.
Controlling includes thermostat, power on/of, modes etc.

How Much Will You Save?

SmartAirCon sense humidity & temperature than controls Air Conditioner thermostat with maintaing airflow, comfortability and saving energy upto 30%

Explore free Smart phone application and Corporate web control panel.

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