About Us

We specialize in Electronic Products Research and Development solving real corporate problems through Technological solutions.

The Company

We engage specifically in creating and tailoring technology to enhance corporate function and bolster their efficiency. Our area of expertise is best displayed in Solar Powered Cold Chain Solutions, Telematic (Vehicle Security) Systems and Internet of Things devices. Our strength and pride emits from the fact that we are local inventors. Our Vision is in striving to be at the forefront of technological innovation. The technology should be cost effective, of high quality and utility, and should be available to anyone who desires the need for it. We are reliable and flexible partner who responds instantly and with outstanding quality, even to short-term requests.


Pak Ujala offer innovative solutions in clearly defined areas. We endlessly brace our competency and trust in the potential of our engineers to establish the essential support for our customer in creating result-oriented products. We ensure our company success and growth by living quality policy and strategic cooperation We fulfill our corporate obligation with respect to the society by creating active and sustainable environmental


In a closed loop process from the initial idea to finalization of product and production – cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the customer’s requirement are developed..