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Grow your business with the help of our Smart energy saving solutions! Our team of experienced professionals are available to achieve your saving goals.

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Technology Solutions

AirCon MS

Air-conditioners consumes substantial amount of Electricity , specially in corporate buildings. If these Air-conditioners run with proper monitoring and control, it will result in big savings in terms of energy. AirCon Management System operates Air-Conditioners in real time, by considering electricity management policies.

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Temperature Monitoring

Whether it is food, pharma, or data centers, we provide the best in class temperature monitoring system. Extreme reliability, high precision and available with a suite of additional features including reporting and SMS,Email Alerts. TMS is used by the top corporates in Pakistan.

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Face Attendance

State of the art face recognition with cloud support enables more then thousands of employees with split second face recogntion. Our system is 99.9% accurate with built in email alert support. The attendance system is compatible with all ERP's and provides customizable reports in various formats.

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Pak Ujala Research & Development

We Develop and Manufacture within Pakistan

We pride ourselves to be an international standard research and developement company operating within Pakistan. We are Karachi based technology company operating all over Pakistan since the last 10 years with respected clients in various industries.

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Who we are

Get to know about our company

Pak Ujala is one of the pioneers in IoT technology in Pakistan working under the umbrella of VIS Group since 2011. Having offices in major cities of Pakistan, we have managed to provide our IoT Solutions and Services to Major Banks and Financial Institutions for Airconditioning Management System and Food Retailers to monitor temperature and humidity in kitchens. Through our provided solutions, our clients not only able to manage and control their appliances but also save heavily by reducing costs.

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